From ginger blonde to buttery brunette, from dark chocolate to spicy chocolate, today the desire for darker tones of hair is strong, as confirmed by the experts at Jean Paul Mynè.

The new colors are also able to combine the desire for a warm, rich note with the craving for a more dry tone for a balanced and natural effect. As always, the finish is extremely personalized, and it depends a lot on personal tastes but also on the haircut.

Chocolate, yes, but which shade? From dark chocolate, to milk chocolate and caramel, there are many possibilities to play with by overlapping different shades: depending on your complexion, you can opt for a warm or cool shade.

Ready to try chocolate hair? Here are some hairstyles (and shades) that might convince you.

Dark Chocolate

Coffee Balayage with Warm Shades from Hazelnut to Chocolate

Layered Chocolate-Colored Bob

Long Chocolate Style

Cinnamon Brunette

Chocolate with Light Shades

Chocolate Brown

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