Catherine Nadal, an experienced psychic medium and clairvoyant, has earned quite a positive reputation amongst those focusing on their own personal spiritual journeys. Having discovered her natural gift as a spiritual guide when she was just a child, Catherine has spent the past several decades working closely with Spirit Guides, seeing, listening, and speaking to them. She uses this natural ability to connect with others and help people find themselves in this journey called life while setting them up for success on their own spiritual journeys.

Although incredibly passionate about her work as a psychic medium, providing the clarity that people often seek when reaching out to her, Catherine is also an enthusiastic writer and author of several books, including the top-rated “And She Danced by the Light of the Moon: Behind the Eyes of a Psychic Medium in NYC” and “Seeing More Than Clouds in Your Coffee – Stories of a Psychic Medium in New York.” In her books, she shares some of the most captivating stories based on real events while retelling what it was like to discover her talent at an early age and eventually learn how to use it to her advantage to help others. Anyone who has ever had an interest in the spiritual world can benefit tremendously from reading either of these books, gaining firsthand knowledge from a skilled psychic medium who loves what she does.

“I’ve spent much of my time doing readings for my clients while taking a unique approach that resonates with them, such as coffee readings. For those unfamiliar with coffee cup readings, I can use the inside of your coffee cup after you’ve finished your beverage to provide valuable insights into your past, present, and future. While reading Italian and Turkish coffee over the years, I’ve focused on providing the information my clients need to hear and assisting them in making positive changes that lead them to happiness,” shared Catherine Nadal. “If I can lift spirits, provide encouragement, and give people a genuine sense of purpose as a spirit guide, I can help these individuals on their unique spiritual journeys and get them that much closer to becoming more in tune with themselves.”

As a psychic medium, Catherine Nadal lives for the spiritual realm and looks forward to providing the spiritual guidance that many desire. With decades of hands-on experience and extensive training completed at the Arthur Findlay School in Stansted, England, she has worked tenaciously to become the best at what she does and provide a service that makes a difference in the lives of others.

“I love spending time getting to know people, using my psychic abilities to connect with them on a deeper, more personal level during one-on-one readings. People can come to me in person, but if they’re too far away or don’t want to leave home, they have the opportunity to join in on a Zoom call, where I can work with them to provide the spiritual guidance they need,” said Catherine Nadal.

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