Blush really is one of the most underrated makeup products out there. An aptly-placed dusting on the cheeks can lift your entire complexion (not to mention mask the fact you’re tired/flat/haven’t made it to Pilates for over a fortnight).

Blush formulas have also come a long way since the crumbly powders of our youth. Nowadays, we’re blessed with dewy liquids, soft, airy creams, feather-light compacts and long-lasting tints.

So here we’re rounding up some of the best new launches hitting shelves of late to give your winter makeup routine a much-needed boost.

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Sisley Le phyto blush (pictured in pink peony), $80, shop now

These new blushes from Sisley have all the qualities of a traditional powder (longevity, buildable color) but with an extra special silken finish, thanks to the inclusion of botanical oils. They have a subtle shimmer that seems to wake up the face (without feeling too juvenile) and a subtle floral scent as well.

Hourglass Vanish Blush stick (pictured in Adore), $46, ShOP NOW

Hourglass rarely puts a foot wrong, and the just-launched Vanish Blush Sticks are no exception. Creamy and soft, the triangular tip ensures application is a breeze – simply use your fingers or a soft brush to blend it in. They even work a treat on eyes and lips for a tonal look.

Bite beauty daycation whipped blush, $32, shop now

What’s so great about the Daycation Blush from Bit Beauty (aside from the very cute pink-egg packaging) is just how long it lasts on the skin. Cream-based formulas can be notoriously short-lived, but the soft matte finish of this one seems to outlast long days, humidity and constant face-touching. The shade range (think plummy hues and burnt coral) has very strong “just-got-back-from-vacation” energy, as well.

Charlotte Tilbury Tinted love cheek and lip tint, $34, shop now

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand we typically associate with easy glamour, but the new Tinted Love Cheek and Lip Tint is perfect for a no-makeup makeup aesthetic. It’s almost like a water-based gel that glides over the skin, and blends seamlessly with fingers for a flushed, slightly sunburnt finish (only without the sun).
Hermes Rose Hermes Silky Blush Powder, $77, SHOP NOW

Those who gravitate towards the finer things in life will fall in love with the latest blush launch from Hermès Beauty. The first complexion offering from the esteemed French luxuriate, Rose Hermès is a silky, delicately-scented powder that both looks and feels incredible on the skin. The sleek compact is refillable, and the product texture itself is inspired by the brand’s signature silk “twilly” scarves.