The worlds of art and fashion are in a constant flirtation with each other, so it’s perhaps no surprise that supermodel Bella Hadid took inspiration from an iconic American artist when choosing her 2020 Halloween costume. Working with makeup artist Sam Visser, Hadid dressed as a Roy Lichtenstein painting come to life, complete with a cropped electric blue wig and matching eye contacts.

“POV” she wrote in an accompanying caption. “Your new Lichtenstein piece came in and she…uh…came to life last night…” The end result felt more like a high-fashion editorial than anything else—which is unsurprising given that Visser’s drag-inspired artistry is often seen in the pages of LOVE and Garage magazines.

Visser is also Hadid’s long-time personal makeup artist, and has an enviable client book that includes Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Kaia Gerber (he’s also the man responsible for Gerber’s equally beautiful 70s-era Priscilla Presley costume).


Never one to do things by half measures, Hadid followed through with a second, equally OTT costume, yesterday evening. This time she dressed as Batman villain Poison Ivy, a character immortalized by Uma Thurman in the universally panned 1997 film Batman & Robin. For this second outfit, Hadid worked with makeup artist Erin Parsons and hairstylist Evanie Frausto, wearing a dramatic auburn wig and leaf-embellished forest green bodysuit.

As far as high-fashion Halloweens go, Bella Hadid once again takes the cake.