Sola Look has rebranded into Infinity Skin, marking the start of a new era for the business. After years of working under the same name, the company decided to change its name to better reflect its mission and values. Alexandra Cristin announced this makeover, saying it is a step that will bring them closer to their goal of providing quality skincare products.

“We are excited to introduce our new brand identity to the world. We believe our new look will help us continue to grow and reach our goal,” Alexandra says.

The company’s rebranding efforts are part of a larger strategy to remain competitive in a rapidly changing beauty market. Infinity Skin is determined to stay at the forefront of the industry and continue providing its customers with the best possible experience. They are launching a revolutionary device that transforms skin (improves texture) and makes makeup look even better.

Alexandra’s broad experience in the beauty industry gives them an upper hand. He is the founder of one of the top hair extension brands worldwide, Glam Seamless Hair Extensions. Their hair and products have been used by notable names in the entertainment and music industries, including Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner.

Alexandra’s started Glam Seamless Hair Extensions 10 years ago after she was fired from her job. She was looking into something that could help put food on the table when she noted a gap in the beauty industry. Like many other customers, Alexandra’s was tired of investing time and money into extensions that didn’t last long. She took $1500 from her savings and launched Glam Seamless, a premium quality hair extension brand providing high-quality hair for every budget.

Glam Seamless was later acquired for 8 figures. Since then, Alexandra has been starting and buying other businesses on her journey to 9 figures, which is how she discovered Sola Look. The founder, Dave, and his daughter needed help scaling the business, and Alexandra joined as a buyer. At first, they wanted her as an investor, but Alexandra decided to acquire the business and start over from a different standpoint.

Infinity Skin infuses skincare with makeup to deliver the best-in-class makeup products. Their focus is formulating products that will help keep skin healthy and boost the confidence of women struggling with skin issues.

As a woman in business, Alexandra aims to support and help other women by showing them that they can achieve what she has. She built her brand without investors, rich parents, or outside funding. She used what she had and reached the top through persistence and dedication.

Alexandra Cristin is one of the top 100 Powerful Women, as per Entrepreneur Magazine, and has been featured in the Inc Magazine 30 Under 30 list. She is also the founder of the Alexandra Cristin foundation, a non-profit helping aspiring business owners get started. Currently, the foundation can take only 40 scholars and mentors, but Alexandra says they hope to scale this by the end of the year. She says her goal is to help thousands a year.