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When you see Adele, there’s pretty much never anything out of place. She’s achieved a subtle type of glamour in her day-to-day looks, and her signature from the beginning has always been a simple, clean and sleek black wing of eyeliner for every occasion. Even as seen in her recent video for her new single, “Easy On Me.” If you’re wondering how she’s been able to master the look and keep it so consistently on-brand, well we finally have an answer for you: Pat McGrath’s Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner, which Adele deemed “her favorite.”

There’s some history involved in Adele’s signature look, according her makeup artist Michael Ashton.

“I popped over to her house to trim her fringe and she asked if I could do a quick bit of eyeliner for her before she went to meet friends,” Ashton said in an interview. “The eyeliner obviously got the seal of approval and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Ashton continued “If you find the flick is coming a bit too far down, drag it up at a 45-degree angle, as you drag it upwards, it will sharpen the line and give you a more elongated, lifted look to the eye.”

Ashton added in an extra tip about how to get the perfect winged look like Adele, which is “starting from the outer corner and working inwards.” So there we have it, we have the method and the product, why not go try it for yourself! Shop the product with the link below.


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