Photo by Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Addison Rae is continuing on her path as One To Watch, with the latest news that her makeup and skincare brand, ITEM Beauty, will be launching in Sephora on August 19. It’s not just going to be online, either — Rae scored herself a retail spot, as well.

The year-old clean beauty brand from the twenty-year-old prides itself on being a part of the Clean at Sephora umbrella alongside major industry heavy hitters like Ilia and Supergoop! The brand launched direct-to-consumer last August, so this likely will be the first opportunity for Rae’s Gen Z (and older) fans to try the products, like Rae’s favorites, Lash Snack Mascara and One Hit Setting Spray, before they buy. It’s a nice first birthday gift for the brand to not only be in Sephora, but also the upcoming Sephora stores in Kohl’s, as well. Considering that the brand launched in the middle of a pandemic, it’ll be nice to actually be able to swatch and try them on in stores — the Lid Glazes, in particular, must be seen to be believed. In addition, ITEM Beauty’s skincare products, such as the gorgeous Overdew Xtra Intensive Moisturizer or the Slick Type Cleansing Balm were also recently repackaged in a gorgeous baby blue and green palette, perfectly eye-catching for the Sephora shopper, and reinforcing the ultra-clean and good-for-you ethos of the brand itself.

Rae, who boasts a killer 38 million Instagram followers and 82 million TikTok followers, so surely we’ll get a ton of content surrounding the ITEM Beauty in Sephora content all over our For You pages early next week. Between the upcoming She’s All That remake, a budding hosting career, and now her beauty brand launching in Sephora? Addison Rae’s on fire and everyone else just needs to start catching up.