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Here, we chat with Adam Lippes about his Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection, whose lookbook was released during NYFW FW21.

#GOODQuestions with Adam Lippes

Adam Lippes

How was the process of sourcing and designing different this season compared to past seasons?
The pandemic has greatly changed the process of sourcing, as all of the mills we work with in France, Italy, and Japan would come to us months before the collection to begin the process of designing the fabrics and yarns. Designing has remained the same – our team is still working together on the collection, though in masks and spread out in the showroom. Now it is all done remotely, with a lot of development swatches going back and forth. Luckily, these mills are our longterm partners, so we understand each other well.

Who or what was the source of inspiration for the collection?
Fall/Winter 2021 will ship this summer and in such a dark time I am feeling a lot of optimism. That led the design.

What’s your favorite look or piece from the collection and why?
A grape stripe Japanese cotton poplin bow blouse matched with a chartreuse silk wool menswear pant. The colors!

Who is the women you design for? Who is your muse?
She is our customer! She loves to dress, but with a lot of ease. She prefers sensual over sexy. She cares about trends but is never trendy. And quality is number one.

What measures did your team take to work efficiently but stay safe while producing this collection?
Whereas prior, I showed in my home or for FW20 at the newly opened Veronika, it is now all by appointment, some in person, but most virtual. I happen to really enjoy more one-on-ones as I can walk through each piece and show the most important details, those which cannot be seen from the outside.

In what way do you hope your collection makes a positive impact?
One of the best parts of my job is working with a customer, who might be a little uncomfortable about what she is about to try on, but then seeing her smile after she does.

Do you think it’s important virtual shows recreate the vibe of a show or create an entirely new experience?
Our industry has been showing in the same way for decades. I think it’s time for something new.

Were there any experiences or lessons that you’ll take away from this unique season?
With less running around, I’ve had more time to design and there is no question that time is the real essence of luxury.

Tell us about a favorite fashion week memory.
My first cover of WWD!

What were you watching most while designing this season?
Engrenage, a French police series.

Current fave songs you’ve listened to while working on this collection?
Nina Simone.

What’s your morning routine? What’s the first app you open each day?

Who in your life brings you good vibes and positive energy every day?
My three dogs.

Quote to live by? Quote you love?
Never criticize someone for being dirty when they’re taking a bath.

Best news of the year for you so far?
We are opening our first store in NYC in March!

What won’t you miss about last year?
There is too much to list!

What’s the last good book you read?
Isabel Wilkerson, Caste.

What is your favorite recipe to make?
Anything new and challenging.