The Importance Of Female Leadership In The Web3 Era

Businesswoman Lizzie Howitt shares how diverse voices will shape the world of Web3.

‘Blackwashing’ claims from Egypt are ‘fundamentally racist’ says Queen Cleopatra star Adele James

Queen Cleopatra star Adele James is firing back at the controversy that has embroiled Egypt and the region over the last month, in which the documentary was claimed to be “blackwashing” Arab and Egyptian history.

The Lion, The Glitch And The Wardrobe

Live from their living rooms fashion’s keyboard warriors wield dismissal, conspiracies and ‘cancel’ bandwagons with increasing abandon. They’re known to spin opinions with little context and in the case of Schiaparelli’s Spring/Summer ’23 haute couture collection, pitchforks were primed before the show even finished. So, do these faceless commenters offer valid feedback or are they simply quickdraw haters with nothing better to do? Alissa Thomas investigates in this feature from our fifth print issue, Habitas.

The King’s Gambit: What Will The Future Of The British Monarchy Hold Under King Charles III?

The death of the U.K.’s longest-serving sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, signals a changing of the guard. Amid whispers it’s the moment Republicans have been waiting for we explore how the news sparked mass hysteria and what lies ahead for the future of the British Monarchy

Can Karl Lagerfeld Save The Met Gala?

Celebrity and royal stylist Engie Hassan shares her take on this year's Met Gala theme.

Editor’s Letter: Heart Is Where The Home Is

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