If you say no to straws unless they’re made from paper, bring a Keepcup with you everywhere and try to avoid ordering food deliveries that use excessive amounts of packaging, you probably consider yourself environmentally woke.

But it turns out your Halloween habits, specifically the costumes you buy and only wear once, are having a devastating effect on the planet.

In an investigation by British environmental charity, Hubbub, it found that 83% of materials used in Halloween costumes originate from oil-based plastics that will end up in landfill.

The research also found that 90% of families in the UK consider buying new costumes each year, and seven million are thrown away.

In the US, the figures are even scarier, where over 175 million people reportedly celebrated Halloween, according to the National Retail Federation.

The most environmentally-offending items? Synthetic wigs, hats, masks, party decorations and glitter-based make-up.

So if you do want to do your bit and make a more sustainable choice, why not buy one second-hand, or better still, re-use a costume you already own – all treat but with no nasty tricks.

Photos: Instagram