Turkey and Syria Earthquake
In Nurdagi village, on the outskirts of Osmaniye city in southern Turkey, a lady lays on the debris while emergency rescue crews look for survivors under the wreckage of demolished buildings. Instagram @ bernadette.kirwan

Nobody could predict the destruction that the 7.8-magnitude earthquake would leave across the various cities of Turkey, Syria and neighbouring Lebanon, with thousands of lives lost under the rubble, homes destroyed, and people scattered across the streets in the unforgiving winter. The earthquake and the following aftershocks, including a 7.5quake earthquake, have taken 8000+ lives, and the death toll is expected to rise significantly. Devastating visuals continue to pour in from Turkey and Syria amidst the calamity, which has left most of us dismayed. The destruction caused by the earthquakes will further worsen the continuing humanitarian crises in Syria and Lebanon. In the disaster-stricken area of northern Syria, many homes, hospitals, and clinics have already been harmed by years of fighting and aerial bombing, creating an emergency inside an emergency.

The rescue team is racing against time to save trapped survivors lost under the debris before they succumb to the harsh weather. Mobilising relief efforts, major humanitarian organisations have launched appeals for urgent donations. Thousands of rescue personnel from various organisations worldwide are dispatched to the sites. As for the rest of us, we can donate to ensure they have the required tools and means to facilitate search and rescue operations and help the survivors get back on their feet. The unpredictable nature of a natural disaster is a reminder that it can strike anyone, anywhere and at any time. And that’s why we must unite to help carry the heavy burden of the Turkey and Syria earthquake-afflicted citizens. Scroll for the relief funds you can donate. 

Turkish Embassy in Abu Dhabi

The embassy set up a donation drive for UAE residents to donate items urgently needed in Turkey and Syria. Those who wish to donate large quantities of items can drop them off at the CSS Homeward Bound transportation company warehouse directly.

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Molham Team

The Jordanian-licensed non-profit NGO has been active in rescue operations in Turkey and Syria. From delivering medical aid and food baskets to setting up temporary refuge camps, the team works relentlessly alongside paramedics, media workers, rescuers, and nurses.

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UNICEF works alongside the government to provide immediate assistance with search and rescue, coordinating evacuations, and distributing hygiene kits, blankets and warm clothing. Working to reunite unaccompanied children with their families has been one of their crucial undertakings.

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Syrian American Medical Society 

SAMS, a leading global medical relief organisation, works on the front lines of crisis relief in Syria and neighbouring countries. SAMS medical facilities across Syria are pivotal in tending to injured survivors. Donations can be made for the medical staff to purchase trauma supplies.

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The White Helmets

This non-profit organisation comprises 3,000 volunteers and has been on the front lines of search and rescue operations. It is in dire need of more equipment and supplies to continue its efforts in locating and rescuing survivors. 

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Red Crescent Organisations

Red Crescent organisations have deployed teams to all the affected areas. In addition to psychological support and sending their national stock of blood and plasma to the affected regions, the organisation provides mobile kitchen and catering services in disaster-stricken areas while also dispatching food, medical aids, tents, heaters, blankets and beds.  

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Doctors Without Borders

With medical facilities severely impacted, MSF scaled up their efforts to nurse the overwhelming number of casualties around the clock and provide essential items to those displaced in the area. 

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