Ever wonder what really goes down behind the walls of the infamous Hype House? Us neither. Still, we’ll soon find out as the collective is making the jump from TikTok to the telly, thanks to a certain tangerine-tone president.

As President Donald Trump’s TikTok ban renders the future of the video-based app uncertain, Hype House TikTok stars have decided they will live on forever — on a teen drama TV show titled The Hype Life.

In the docuseries, the Hollywood Hills mansion residents (i.e. TikTok’s most dedicated clout-chasing creators) will be documented as they create new content, initiate new members, and of course, experience the drama that inevitably comes with living in a house with 20 other people.

Not only will we get an insight into what it’s like when these TikTokers bust out the Renegade in their living room, but we’ll also get a deeper look into the backstories of certain Hype House members, including founders Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou.

Wheelhouse Entertainment will be producing the show, and the company’s chief creative officer Eric Watternberg has expressed his excitement in working with the “extremely hard-working, business-savvy young adults” who’ve made the “Hype House a creative rocket ship”.

For all the alleged social media insight the show may bring, it does raise some questions. Mainly: could this show do more harm than good?

In the last few months alone, the Gen Z internetsphere has been inundated with Hype House drama – a tale of alleged cheating, diss tracks released on YouTube, and half-baked apologies left on Twitter for previous racist and sexist remarks. While it all sounds like a natural fit for reality TV, we can’t help but wonder what the show’s impact may be on the collective’s majoritively teen and tween audience.

Photos: Instagram