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Have you heard of TikTok‘s new T-Talk series? It’s an informative video initiative that aims to inspire and educate viewers with talks from leaders, experts, and advocates within movements that are important to the wider TikTok community. The first T-Talk episode took place in mid-November and amplified the experiences of Breast Cancer survivors, who shared stories of their fight against cancer in their interviews.

The follow-up episode that aired yesterday centred on mental health awareness and featured talks from people like the mental health advocate Allaoua Gaham and the Clinical Psychologist Dr. Saliha Afridi (whose background is in wellness, stress management and coaching). In the videos for this T-Talk, viewers joined Gaham and Dr. Afridi as they discussed how we can help each other manage mental health issues by connecting with a community. They also imparted their wisdom on coping with depression and anxiety, while normalizing these conditions as just another part of the human experience.


In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Dr. Saliha Afridi, a Clinical Psychologist shares her expertise on wellness, stress management and coaching with the community @drsalihaafridi #mentalhealth #ttalks

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The insight imparted by these two experts in the videos is the underbelly of the T-Talk series. T-Talk is TikTok’s way of highlighting various topics with credible resources that can provide guidance to the wider TikTok community. These videos are not a substitute for professional or medical advice, but they will shed light on pain points and coping mechanisms for viewer consideration. TikTok is also doing work on its backend to provide users with a more positive experience on the app by implementing well-being guides into its Safety Centre and enforcing stricter content moderation on self-harm videos in the Community Guidelines.

Moving forward, the T-Talks series will continue to amplify various voices and creators who add to TikTok’s content eco-system. Be on the lookout for the video coming out mid-December, which will center on People of Determination. We know we’ll be watching.