In our humble opinion, if there’s anything that deceptively illustrates how together our lives are, it’s when you parent a stretching array of potted plants. As the saying (we just made up) goes; the more succulents you have, the more settled your lives; which is admittedly a tall order for even the most… nature-inclined among us.

Making it easier to keep your plants alive is this incredible shape-shifting origami planter designed by team of London-based designers, Studio Ayaskan. Aptly named ‘Growth’, the pot increases in size over time with your plant, making plant pots easier to look after and more sustainable than ever.

At odds with manufacturing rates and our special knack for discarding items when they are no longer useful, Studio Ayaskan takes cues from nature’s ability to adapt, grow and reuse. Using it’s origami like structure, the pot can slowly unfold to reveal extra room for your beloved leafy baby to grow. Designed to grow in a carefully calculated way, the pot supports plant growth from the seedling stage all the way through to full-grown size.

“The pots are made up of polypropylene. A mesh, made up the same material is then attached to the base, allowing the water to drain out. The facades of the pot are then folded into its initial stage, ready for a plant to be potted. The material is very resilient”, say designers Bike and Begum Ayaskan.

Now to find a pot that waters itself…

Photos: Supplied