By now we can all agree that 2020 wasn’t the year we all expected it to be, and after a couple of months into 2021, we can tell this year will be filled with many surprises. Nonetheless, designers worldwide are buckling down to bring our attention back to the fashion scene, allowing us to rediscover our desire for getting dressed up again – more specifically, to move past the sweatpants phase we’ve dug ourselves into.

Now we can’t lie; the sweatpants phase definitely gave us a good run for our money, but brands are focusing heavily on investing in everyday essentials from dresses to jeans and even high heels – yes, you heard it right, high heels. With the industry constantly evolving, it feels like every day we hear of a new brand. We also noticed our favourite designers reinventing and developing their signature style. Just like everything in life, change is always good. Keeping us excited and optimistic for the future of fashion.

Below we’ve compiled ten of the biggest fashion brands for 2021 – keep scrolling to learn more.

1.Thebe Magugu 






6.Saint Laurent

7.Paris Texas