Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Nicolas Ghesquière turned his talents to the camera for Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2021. The dexterous creative director hired his friend, French-English actress Stacy Martin, as muse for the shoot, dreaming up a stylised would-be movie to play host to his neo-sportif collection. Together they ventured a series of quirky tableaux as a nod to cinematic surrealist, David Lynch.

The collection is a pop culture layering of everything that’s favoured by the Louis Vuitton customer. Logo apparel, quirky accessories and crafty separates. Perfect for the pre-fall pigeon hole which, historically, is an opportunity for labels to bridge the gap between spring and fall and to spin some extra sales.

So, it makes sense that this range is commercially chic. Martin, who’s starred in a number of French and American films as well as having modelled for the likes of Miu Miu, brings a desirable intrigue to the freeze frames. The pieces themselves offer 80s and early-2000s homages with tunics over striped knits, neon slouch boots, golfing capris and even multicoloured wind-cheaters.

Ghesquière cleverly incorporated these ubiquitous wears into a dramatic landscape, garnering a very Louis Vuitton take on what street wear might look like if we continue to kneel at its alter. And the result is somewhat post modern. A saturated, flash-lit story that’s artistic, fun, satirical and, just like a Lynch film, more than a little bit unsettling. It was shot in the French countryside at a decadent chateau, a setting intentionally in contrast to the designer’s values for the collection. “In this moment of confusion, we focused on fundamentals.” he said. He and his team devised a direction based on three key areas: ‘Romanticism’ that focused on opulence, ‘Energetic Sportswear’ that involved graphic colour-clashing and ‘Rediscovering Essentials’ that meant icons and motifs remained top priority.

‘Filling Up on Vuittamins’ is the witty word-play result. One that harbours all three corners of the LV must-have model while still offering something genuinely fresh and interesting. These pieces – in particular the pink and purple leather Harrington jacket and the logo-sleeved hoodies – will surely be big sellers globally for the brand. Ghesquière had his business hat on here but in this period of time clothes that are aimed to fit our lifestyles (literally and figuratively) are a welcome offering.

Surely a daily Vuittamin is good for your health.

See the full collection below.