The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are getting closer and the athletes are limbering up – in their innovative new Nike gear. Nike has created an environmentally conscious, performance-boosting sportswear collection to ensure their athletes crush the competition, and even designed a range for Team USA to wear when collecting their medals (someone’s confident).

In preparation for what is said to be the hottest Olympics on record, the climate crisis is dominating the conversation at this year’s games, and Nike is showing its commitment to a zero-carbon future by designing uniforms out of 100 per cent recycled polyester. All of the outerwear is expertly designed for minimal waste and took inspiration from this year’s medals, which are also made from recycled materials – even Nike’s signature swoosh is made from recycled rubber.

Don’t worry if you’re not an Olympic athlete, you can still get in on the eco-friendly action (phew!). Nike’s Space Hippie footwear collection is constructed with the scrap material from factory floors – lovingly named ‘space junk’ by Nike staff – and was designed with the intention of lessening their environmental impact from idea to production and every step in between.

Photos: Supplied