Heidi Spencer Pratt
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt host a New Year’s Eve party at Christian Audigier The Nightclub at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino December 31, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Credit: Ethan Miller/WireImage for Pure Management Group.

Following the release of the second season from The Hills: New Beginnings, reality star Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have revealed behind-the-scenes secrets. Pratt has told Entertainment Tonight that due to drama on and off the screen it would be impossible to move forward with a third season with the same cast.

“I would imagine if there was a season 3, it would be with an all-new cast because after this season, I don’t see how everyone would be able to be in the same room once this airs,” Pratt said. “We don’t even know what people are saying in their testimonials.”

Montag agreed noting, “This group, I feel like, holds grudges to the end.”

“I feel like Speidi’s on the chopping block a lot,” Montag tell the outlet. “I think there were a lot of high emotions and a lot of heightened things going on for everybody, so I think we were an easy target for a lot of people.”

Montag admitted she partied “hard” following many difficult months in lockdown and that she was judged harshly by other cast member for it.

“I felt very judged and mom-shamed because we had just been through a pandemic,” she explained. “We almost lost our business. We had a really hard time keeping employees, and we put all of our own money into PrattDaddy Crystals. It was a lot for us. So balancing that and a toddler and trying to have a new baby. There was just a lot going on for us and then feeling the pressure on and off camera from cast and production, it just was a lot.”

Pratt and Montag share a three-year-old son, Gunner Stone.

According to the aforementioned report, the second season was shot in two parts – one part before the pandemic and one part after lockdown. The Hills: New Beginnings is streaming now.