At Grazia, we value innovative efforts from designers, brands, and retailers who make strides in eco-fashion. For this Slow Fashion Sunday, we want to highlight RELUXABLE, the first single digital global marketplace for authentic second-hand luxury fashion. It’s a company that is advancing the circular fashion movement by catering equally to the fashion-conscious and sustainability-conscious shoppers, who are drawn to premium pieces with an environmental and economic mindset.

Image courtesy of RELUXABLE

RELUXABLE is a Black, female-owned and founded fashion technology start-up launched by Marie-Hélène Stavelot (pictured above) in November 2021. Stavelot formed RELUXABLE with a focus on sustainability, and aims to encourage people to join the circular fashion movement with her site. Her goal is to support customers who want to explore and enjoy men and women’s luxury fashion in an environmentally friendly way, by simply buying items that already exist. This shopping habit will not only benefit customers’ personal finances, but studies show that it will also decrease our collective carbon footprint as a whole.

RELUXABLE operates as an online marketplace that exclusively hosts reputable second-hand e-tailers and retailers. Their team has verified that each vendor carries legitimate products, since RELUXABLE’s key concerns are trust and authenticity. The site includes boutique brand partners, like The Luxury Closet based in Dubai, Collector Square in Paris, and What Goes Around Comes Around in New York, and more. RELUXABLE does the hard work to ensure customer satisfaction by vetting these companies on their business philosophy, integrity, and expertise in curating luxury authentic secondhand. That way, you can have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Image courtesy of RELUXABLE

By gathering these sustainable e-tailers in one location, RELUXABLE simplifies sustainable shopping habits and opens the door to style choices with its more expansive range to browse, compare, and shop. It also removes the cumbersome efforts from the circular fashion movement, like continuously browsing through sites to find the perfect item. By doing so, the company is able to encourage people to join the circular fashion movement and explore a more sustainable way to enjoy luxury fashion – ultimately conserving your time, money and the planet.

Discover more about RELUXABLE here.