Palestinian models, DJs and most recently philanthropists Simi and Haze Khadra have made it their mission to not only help raise awareness to the suffering of Palestinians still residing in the country, but also to try and help the living situations of local Palestinians.

“At the end of last year we asked you to help us in bringing solar power to the homes of families in Gaza who were in need of electricity to power the equipment needed for their chronically sick children,” they shared on their Instagram. “As the Israeli government only allows Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank 3-4 hours of electricity a day, families who are in urgent need of electricity for ventilation, blended food, and medical equipment are seriously compromised. Due to Israeli border control, it has been very difficult to get any supplies in which is why it’s taken months. However, we are soo excited to let you know that with your help in donations of $20,281.09, which was beyond our goal amount, we finally completed the project, supplying integrated solar energy systems in the homes of 31 children with special needs!

Thank you so much to all those who donated, the @pcrf, and @stevesosebee for your ongoing life pursuit in bringing humanitarian aid to Palestinians facing injustice and crises every day.”

Whilst speaking up and raising awareness is always something audiences appreciate, but when a public figure gets involved in charity work it’s more effective than ever. Their Instagram post, which showed a glimpse of how young Palestinian children are living in Gaza and the West Bank, was a reference to their efforts late last year, when they asked their social media audience to donate as much as they could to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund to try and help improve the lives of children residing in Palestine. Months later, the twins helped raise over USD 20,000 in donations, which helped supply integrated solar energy systems in the homes of 31 children with special needs.