Dubai-based stylist Celia-Jane Ukwenya stopped buying from the high street when she moved to Dubai seven years ago, and saw what she describes as “the crazy hike in prices compared to London”.

“It was also the pursuit of being more environmentally conscious,” she explains. “The idea of buying a new wardrobe every season is unrealistic.”

Instead, the majority of her wardrobe is created with my tailor, and every two months she visits him to get some pieces made – usually a jumpsuit. “Mr Iqbal at City Land Tailor in Satwa is my go-to. I shop and ship fabrics from a store called Joann in LA and a South Korean-based shop, Swatch On, that I found on Instagram. They also offer a selection of sustainable fabrics,” she adds.

Celia-Jane Ukwenya, Fashion Stylist

“I’ll take fabrics that I’ve personally sourced and show him a photo for inspiration or take an old piece from my wardrobe for him to recreate. One item I’m most proud of is my wedding jumpsuit, which I designed with my tailor. The rest of my closet is made up of clothes that I love and will wear forever. I tend to look to designers who have a conscious approach. At the moment I’m loving Net Sustain, a platform within Net-a-Porter that celebrates brands that are more mindful of the planet.

Her top insider tip? “Think before you shop. A lot of brands now make clothes only to be worn once. When shopping for fabrics, avoid anything synthetic, as they can take up to 200 years to decompose. Look to what you love to wear, how it fits you, and go and see your tailor to have a pattern made.”

Photos: Pina Messina on Unsplash