This year’s Fashion Trust Arabia finalists have been officially announced, which means the upcoming awards ceremony in Doha, Qatar, is just around the corner. As the excitement bubbles up to the surface, we look back at last year’s FTA winners and see where their collections are now.

Not only did the Fashion Trust Arabia 2021 prize-winners receive a dedicated mentorship and a hefty grant of Dhs734,601, but they were also given a year-long partnership with the popular e-commerce site, Matches Fashion. This partnership is a win-win for the creative talent and the shopping platform as it casts a wide net of clientele for the designers and supports Matches Fashion’s ongoing mission to support global talent. Customers can shop the ready-to-wear collection of fashion designer Zaid Affas, the Port Tanger accessories line by Bilal Fellah and the jewellery collection by Alia bin Omair. Ahead are the prize-winning collections of the Fashion Trust Arabia 2021 prize-winners.

Zaid Affas | Ready-To-Wear


Zaid Affas is a Kuwait-born and Los Angeles-based fashion designer who won in Fashion Trust Arabia’s ready-to-wear category in 2021, which featured women’s tailoring. Their collection consists of a gold, neutral, black, white and silver palette that evokes a sense of coolness and modernity embedded in their clothes.

Shop Zaid Affas’s ready-to-wear collection here at Matches Fashion.


Alia bin Omair | Jewellery


“I like to combine regional art and design aesthetics, experimenting with elements of my childhood and objects from the UAE–metal, frankincense, clay, and fibres from palm trees,” said Alia bin Omair as she explained her design influences to Matches Fashion. Alia bin Omair’s jewellery designs are Earthy and sophisticated, with gold rendered in natural-looking forms.

Shop Alia bin Omair’s jewellery collection here at Matches fashion.


Bilal Fellah | Accessories


Fashion Trust Arabia 2021 prize-winner Bilal Fellah won in the accessories category for the accessories brand Port Tanger, which she works on with her business partner Daniël Sumarna. From aviators to cat-eye lenses rendered in thick frames, Fellah and Sumarna design artistic and bold accessories.

Shop the Port Tanger accessories collection here at Matches fashion.