Saint Laurent Winter 2022. Image: Saint Laurent

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to live a life of minimalist solitude with the kind of wardrobe that screams taste and style, the latest campaign from Saint Laurent might provide the visuals for that fantasy.

To his credit, Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello has never been without a clear vision for the brand. Collections, campaign, clothing, all of it is diamond like in its clarity and his vision for Winter Fall 2022 was one where soft lines were reconsidered through more masculine silhouettes. Specifically inspired by the Art Deco era. But rather than directly reference its most familiar motifs, Vaccarello explored the aesthetic’s spirit with long fluid lines punctuated by adornment.

Saint Laurent Winter 2022.

These lines – so important to the architecture of the period – are key references in the latest campaign where the become exaggerated via repetition in form. All done in a very Vaccarello way.

The stark shoot, lensed by German photographer Juergen Teller, is a dip into this dream world of fashion and landscape. One where you can step out of the cold ocean wearing a Saint Laurent black evening gown like The Little Mermaid’s better dressed sister. Teller, normally known for his raw, over-exposed style of shooting with a Contax G2 camera has switched out his trademark method. Instead, the campaign embraces the coldness of concrete and water – a surreal scene rich in texture yet stripped back of excess much like the Winter 2022 collection felt both paired back yet deeply opulent.

Saint Laurent Winter 2022. Image: Saint Laurent

Hard edges of a concrete pier are mirrored by equally sharp shoulders in the signature Saint Laurent suiting while stacked bangles are reflected in the scene’s native mooring. It directly plays on the duality of delicacy and strength that Vaccarello explored through the collection.

The campaign release ties into the arrival of Saint Laurent Fall 2022 in stores this month.