Courtesy of STAND UP! YA ARAB!

Ramadan is here, and so are all the new Ramadan series for you to watch. With remarkable Arab storytellers and creatives, you will find something suited to your taste in our list of what to watch during Ramadan regardless of what you like. We will be updating the list, so don’t forget to check back once you have finished watching all the Ramadan series listed below.

El Keteeba 101

The acclaimed actor Asser Yassin join hands with actor Amr Youssef for a military drama written by Eyad Salehand directed by Mohamed Salama. The action-packed drama series takes place in the Sinai Peninsula in 2014 as the 101st Battalion of the Egyptian Army fights terrorist groups while attempting to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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Road Trip season 2

Courtesy of Road Trip

Road Trip or Sikat Safar was the trending Ramadan series last year. It is a hilarious, heartfelt dramedy that follows the story of three brothers who set off across the country after the death of their father. With the massive positive response, the brothers return for a second season this Ramadan to help their uncle to manage a modest hotel that is in danger of being demolished, all against the stunning background of the lush southern region of the Kingdom.

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Ramadan Series
Courtesy of STAND UP! YA ARAB! on OSN+

Blow off your steam with OSN’s original Ramadan series STAND UP! YA ARAB! Watch 50 emerging Arab stand-up comedians and discover regional talents from 12 countries including the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. With a runtime of 30 minutes, the series will feature Ammar Najjar, Sheikha Al Khalidi, Ghada Salah, Mohamed Maher, and more. 

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Taht El-Wesaya

Courtesy of Taht El-Wesaya

Egyptian actress Mona Zaki brings strong widowed women to life in her newest series titled Taht El-Wesaya. Taking on patriarchy as she pushes forward to regain custody of her two children, this is going to be an incredibly emotionally charged series. Directed by Mohamed Shaker Khodeir and written by Khaled Diab and Sherine Diab, the series airs on Shahid MBC.

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The Exhange

Rawan Mahdi in The Exchange, Courtesy of Netflix

If the theme of strong, intelligent women breaking into the big boy’s club in style interests you, then the Netflix Original series The Exchange should be on your watch list. The storyline, which takes place during the 1980s in Kuwait, is based on the true account of Farida and Munira’s trailblazing breakthrough into the stock market. Created by Nadia Ahmad, Anne Sobel and Adam Sobe, The Exchange casts an array of Kuwaiti talents such as Rawan Mahdi, Mona Hussain, Mohammed Al Mansour, Faisal Alamiri and Hussain Almahdi.

To watch The Exchange on Netflix, click here.

A Sit Down with Anas and Hala

Ramadan Series
Courtesy of A Sit Down with Anas and Hala on OSN+

The 30-minute conversational Ramadan series hosted by Emirati entrepreneur and host of #ABtalks, Anas Bukhash and his mother Hala Kazim intends to tackle stigmatized topics on relationships in today’s day and age. The mother-son duo will talk about interesting subjects like grieving, setting boundaries and connecting while providing a window into their relationships. The five-episode series will make its official debut on the 23rd Match at 8 pm on OSN+. If you are searching for a feel-good series, check out A Sit Down with Anas and Hala.

To watch A Sit Down with Anas and Hala on OSN+, click here.