The CEO, Creative Director, and Co-Founder of Fashion Forward Dubai and Managing Partner of Brag needs no introduction. Bong Guerrero tells Grazia to believe in our own power and promises us we will all dance again. And knowing that Bong is always first on the dancefloor, we wouldn’t dream of doubting it.

How are you finding the transition to a new way of working/life?
At first, I was in shock and disbelief at how the whole world was under siege with nearly everyone cooped up in their homes regardless of continent and country, status, or way of living. Counting days into weeks and months, this pandemic brought out my resilient nature. While this long-played quarantine has its share of lows, I choose and fight to remain positive and focus on my well-being and mental health.

What have been the biggest challenges?
The sudden cancellation, or postponement of all events have impacted the entire experiential and creative industry. Not clearly knowing when and how this pandemic and economic crisis will end leave us very vulnerable. But we are magical people and we will bounce back from adversity – in one way or another.

Bong Guerrero hopes this period will make us realise what we find truly valuable and fulfilling

What’s been the most pleasant surprise?
Friends and families have reconnected and rekindled in isolation. Skies, rivers and canals have cleared up in no time. And that we actually really didn’t need so much of anything and everything.

What are your hopes for the future?
Whether this pandemic is supernatural, or some kind of farfetched conspiracy, I hope we all come out of this kinder to earth and be less hurried in our pace. And that we realise what is truly valuable and fulfilling for us in our personal lives.  And while we advance with technology and everyone speaks of going digital, may we never forego of the need to truly interact, congregate and celebrate life together and in person.

What message do you have for Grazia readers?
We are all in this together. We will all dance again.

Photos: Lucas Alves