Remember Cartier’s now-iconic Love Bracelet? Introduced in 1969, the unisex bracelet was the emergence of casual luxury. Advertised as a symbol of love, the piece of jewellery is a semi-permanent everyday bracelet fastened using its signature custom screwdriver. Although the Cartier Love Bracelet is still popular, permanent bracelets are bringing new meaning to the idea of permanent jewellery and it’s all over TikTok.

The concept of a ‘forever bracelet’ is pretty self-explanatory. A piece of chain welded onto your wrist in a custom fit. Jewellery brand Catbird calls it ‘zapping,’ a catchy phrase coined by them for welding. The image of welding something onto your body may cause panic in most. As fashion trends keep emerging, there’s pressure on us to stay up to date and follow suit. The latest trend of permanent jewellery has got us curious to learn more.

The ‘Zap’

The funnest part of customising your permanent bracelet is undoubtedly picking between a gold or silver chain, and adding some gemstones or charms to finish the look. The process, however, is quick, and painless. The jeweller assists you with your custom fit and welds the two ends for a seamless no-clasp finish. The chains are often made from solid 14k gold and solid silver, so you need not worry about them staining the skin or tarnish in the long run.

If you ever change your mind, you can simply snip the small ring connecting the two ends of your permanent bracelet with a pair of scissors to take it off, and can even get it zapped again too.

Aside from the little perks of not losing your jewellery or avoiding the hassle of accessorising, the bracelets represent immortalising a moment,  relationship or milestone. Styled with mini-accents such as gemstones, and diamonds, you can create your custom matching bracelet with your family members, best friends or lover to symbolise your bond. A minimalistic interpretation of Cartier’s Love Bracelet, the versatile bracelet can be seamlessly worn by all genders and ages.

Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite brands to shop your permanent bracelet from.



Atelier VM


Astrid & Miyu


Finn Jewelry