After countless emblematic designs and partnerships with the most prominent athletes in the world, Nike celebrates 50 years of innovation within its field through their determination to comply with the necessities of athletes, as well as its dedication to women empowerment.

To celebrate 50 years of Nike, the brand hosted a one-of-a-kind celebratory event at the Nike store in The Dubai Mall. Here, guests could observe the brand’s history through displays scattered around the store representing the brand’s evolution, as well as their active efforts to keep up with the latest trends and future innovations that make them stand out from the rest. They also organised various activities with Egyptian clothing designer and artist Engy Mahdy.

Nike 50
Photo taken at event.

The first activity consisted of a painting workshop where guests were given a miniature sculpture of one of Engy Magdy’s creative designs. The guests got to personally meet Engy and learn more about her as well as her idea behind the Nike campaign. Engy explained the meaning behind the sculpture provided, saying it stood as a representation of freedom, empowerment and individuality, which is also a theme Nike leads by. Nike provided its guests with painting supplies and allowed them to reach into their creative side by letting them freely decorate and paint their sculptures however they wanted and best felt it represented their individual styles.

nike 50th

For the second activity, guests were given a Nike T-shirt, a canvas bag, and a sports bra to get creative and personalise the items in their own way. Guests could choose from the various clothing patches designed by Engy Magdy and place them on the items provided to create their own custom apparel to rock at the gym or wherever they feel like. The message behind this activity was to once again explore your creative side and portray it on the apparel to create pieces that will make you feel empowered.

Nike x Engy Mahdy | Courtesy of Nike

Lastly, guests and visitors could enter Nike’s Pegasus virtual shoe lab, where they were free to customise Nike’s most iconic running shoes, the Pegasus, to represent their unique style and include all the features they may need to formulate the perfect pair of shoes. Once the shoe was designed, the creator was given a QR code which they could scan and share with their friends.

Photo taken at event.

If you would like to learn more about Nike’s history and innovations, as well as take part in the celebrations, head down to the Nike store in The Dubai Mall. The anniversary celebrations will run all month long – Just do it.