Make your wardrobe pop with style-defining pieces from emerging brands that should be on your radar. From chic holiday uniforms to elevated basics that you’ll want to wear on repeat, we’ve rounded up a list of clothing and accessories labels that will help you refresh your wardrobe, no matter the occasion. Ahead, find the perfect pieces for you from some of the best new fashion brands to shop.


The Foundationals

On our ongoing hunt for the perfect wardrobe staples, the apparel company The Foundationals presents itself as the answer. The Foundationals embraces the slow fashion movement with its collection of high-quality wardrobe basics that come in a wide range of limited quantity batches. From basic tees to midriff flossing tops, the items from this LA-based brand are easily styled into your favourite looks as layering pieces or stand-alone items. Although it’s a brand that specialises in basics, The Foundationals is anything but boring. Its chic colourways, perfect fits, and 3-pack item sets (in neutral and Neapolitan colourways) keep us coming back for more.

Discover The Foundational’s range of apparel, here.

Second Summer 

Second Summer is a new, vegan brand that specialises in resort wear inspired by the free spirit of Ibiza. Effortless, comfortable and chic are the words we’d use to describe this fashion label, with its vast array of linen pieces and casual silhouettes that are ideal for your summer wardrobe. The pieces in the brand’s collection can be mixed and matched so that you can wear your favourites over and over again.

For more information on the brand, visit its official website here.

Spilt Milk Eyewear 

Spilt Milk’s debut collection might have emerged during the uncertainty of the pandemic, but its current season is built upon the gift of curiosity. The sunglasses are inspired by the attributes of Greek Gods, with aviator frames like the Nude Artemis (the Goddess of the wild) rendered in pinkish hues and the Cateye frames inspired by Eros (the God of love) created in unconventional and edgy silhouettes. The brand is also steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, sourcing the finest sustainable bioplastics from Mazzucchelli 1849 that are composed of cellulose acetate.

Discover the brand’s full eyewear range, here.



The apparel brand Attluale earned its reputation as one of the most sustainable fashion brands in Dubai by consistently creating timeless fashion pieces. With its exquisitely made minimalist items, the brand accommodates the needs of conscious consumers who want to shop more sustainably. Attluale’s most notable pieces are its relaxed fits, like the wide-legged trousers and knit skirts, as well as their elevated backless tops and exquisite wrap maxi dresses.

Explore Attuale’s collection, here.


Aiisha Ramadan is a Lebanese fashion designer who perfectly blended her haute couture sensibilities with her penchant for modern styles when she founded her namesake fashion brand, Aiisha. With its intricate handmade details, fine embroidery, and punchy colourways, Ramadan’s collections are a display of craftsmanship and creativity. This production technique lends itself well to the slow fashion movement, which is a production philosophy that Ramadan adheres to, given that she only produces a limited amount of clothing each year.

Discover Aiisha’s full collection here.

Nad de Paris

Nad de Paris is a company that manufactures versatile jewellery for women using artisanally crafted materials. The brand is known for creating statement pieces featuring chunky gold hardware as well as bright gems, like bold turquoise on its necklaces and earrings.

Click here to view Nadia Boumejahed’s eclectic collection.

Baesic by DB

Baesic by DB is made locally, with love. The brand’s initial collection was named after the founder’s nieces, Sai & Ki, and was curated to meet the uber-high expectations of the region’s fashion-focused femmes. Since then, the brand has become synonymous with effortlessly elegant fashion. The brand’s collections include a wide range of timeless items like oversized blazers, breezy palazzo pants, cropped tops, and silky dresses.

Click here to find their collection.

Michael Fausto

Michael Fausto’s collection is a strong match for those who want to feel light and ethereal in their clothing. The fabric that dominates Fausto’s designs are silk velvets, duchess satin, and textured European jacquard, which is rendered into simple yet elegant fashion silhouettes. The brand’s minimalist style and attention to detail make it stand out as an emerging fashion brand.

Click here to find their decadent collection.