Netflix is no stranger to investing in local talent, and this time it’s main focus is female scriptwriters. Just today, Netflix announced that it is collaborating with Sard – a dedicated hub for Arab scriptwriters – to train women in creative writing. The writing program, named ‘Because She Created,’ will select 20 women outside of Cairo who have yet to have an opportunity to develop their untapped talents in creative writing, story telling and creative expression.

Earlier this year, the giant streaming platform announced that they would be investing $250,000 towards five Arab female filmmakers in the region as part of the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity, the same initiative that is now investing in Arab female writers.

Courtesy of Netflix

CEO and Founder of creative agency Sard, Mariam Naoum shares, “The Arab world, including Egypt, is ripe with talent. What they need is concerted effort and professional support to nurture their growth. Women in the region, in particular, need this kind of incubation and technical support to gain access to opportunities that advance their professional growth in an industry where their presence is still limited. Sard is trying to achieve this through the work we do, and through partnerships with organizations like Netflix that help steer talent in the right direction.”

The program will consist of five-day workshops, classes, creative sessions, talks led by professionals in the industry, as well as trips to the theatre.

It’s clear that Netflix sees potential in the region’s creative talents, and especially female talents, as just last year it hosted its first session with Arab female filmmakers as part of their Because She Created initiatives, not to mention when it showcased 21 films from Arab female filmmakers to help highlight the “importance of equitable representation in storytelling.”

Finding Ola, Courtesy of Netflix

We can’t wait to see what these women will create after receiving the nurturing they deserve, all thanks to Netflix.