Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney. HOLLYWOOD, CA – MAY 03: Actors Mila Kunis (L) and Ashton Kutcher at the Zoe Saldana Walk Of Fame Star Ceremony on May 3, 2018 in Hollywood, California.

Despite being two of the most famous faces in the world, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are barely ever reported on or photographed by the press. The ultra private couple prefer to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible, keeping their family—they have two children together, a 6-year-old daughter Wyatt and 4-year-old son, Dimitri—out of the public eye. 

But in a rare move, the couple, who met on the set of That ‘70s Show in 1998 when Kunis was 14 and Kutcher was 20 (and finally began dating in 2012), let us have a glimpse at their real life. 

For the new cover of Architectural Digest, Kunis and Kutcher showed off their home, a five-year project in Los Angeles resulting in a solar-powered contemporary farmhouse, which they began when Kunis was pregnant with their first child. 

Sitting on 6-acres, the property includes a main house connected to a guesthouse/entertainment barn, as well as a freestanding barbecue pavilion and pool. 

“We wanted the house to look like an old barn, something that had been here for decades, that was then converted into a house,” Kutcher told the publication. “But it also had to feel modern and relevant.” 

Like true millennials, Kunis and Kutcher used separate Pinterest boards to find inspiration for their home, later realising that thankfully, for the most part, they were on the same page. “Building a house from the ground up is no small thing. This was either going to make us or break us,” Kunis said. 

“When we looked at each other’s boards, 90% of the images we selected were the same, and most of the houses we pinned were designed by Howard,” Kutcher added, referring to architect Howard Backen, who ended up leading the project. 

As for that huge 10-foot crystal chandelier? In true Kutcher and Kunis fashion, it’s not all that serious: “We thought it would be funny to have this incredibly opulent thing hanging in a barn. It kind of takes the piss out of the property,” Kunis said.

Love you, mum and dad.

Tile credit: Kelly Sullivan / Getty Images