People's Choice Awards
Courtesy of People’s Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Award  is returning this December to celebrate the world’s most momentous people from 40 categories, including the Middle Eastern Social Media Star category, which was included for the first time in 2021 and is resuming this year to spotlight and recognise the most influential entertainers and creatives from the region.

If you haven’t voted yet, you still have the time to support and vote for your favourite Middle Eastern social media star. The official voting runs until November 6. and here are the nominees:

Ahmad Aburob

Ahmed Aburob is a Jordanian content creator and vlogger who have earned more than five million subscribers on his YouTube channel, sharing entertaining and lifestyle videos, from fun challenges to exciting experiences and more.

You can vote for Ahmed Aburob here

Beki Ksouri

Beki is a Tunisian video creator and storyteller who started her social media career in 2016. She is an adventurer who has an appetite to try new things and share them on her Instagram page, where she amassed more than two million followers.

You can vote for Beki Ksouri here.

Joe Hattab

Hattab is a traveler who uses his platforms, with more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube and three million followers on Instagram, to bring the world closer to us through his documentary films, where he introduces us to new cultures and exciting adventures.

You can vote for Joe Hattab here

Ossy Marwah

Ossy Marwah is a Youtuber and content creator who spreads enjoyment through his platform’s fun vlogs and prank videos, gaining more than five million subscribers on his platforms.

You can vote for Ossy Marwah here

Amy Roko

Roko is a Saudi Rapper and Comedian who succeeded in breaking down stereotypes by keeping the balance between being authentic and following her passion. She gained a massive following since she started her social media journey in 2015, with more than one million followers on Instagram and more than two million views on her GirlGang music video.

You can vote for Amy Roko here.

Hadeel Marei

The Dubai-based Egyptian comedian, social media influencer, and content creator Hadeel Marei is best known for her humorous videos and bubbly personality on social media platforms, with more than three million followers on TikTok and one million on Instagram.

You can vote for Hadeel Marei here. 

Natalia Ajnabiyeh

Natalia Ajnabiyeh goes by the nickname ‘Ajnabiyeh,’ which means foreigner, is a Greek-Polish social media influencer who has been living in Amman, Jordan, since she was a kid. Natalia shares her love for Jordanian culture and the Arabic language on her social media platforms, where she also posts about her lifestyle and joyous life experiences.

Raghda K

Raghda K is a Jordanian-Lebanese social media star who established fame and recognition through her humorous lip-syncing videos, pranks, and comic skits. Raghda accumulated more than 80 million views on her YouTube channel.

You can vote for Raghda here.