Floral Shirt Dress, Dhs369, SHOP NOW; Corset Top With Puffed Sleeves, Dhs349, SHOP NOW paired with Jewel Button Skirt, Dhs349, SHOP NOW; Yellow Flared Sleeves Dress, Dhs429, SHOP NOW.

As the holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching, the mood of the entire region shifts to a much calmer and joyous one with a sense of unity. Shops, restaurants and homes are embellished with golden accents, the streets are illuminated, and Mango’s Ramadan Capsule collection ensures you fit right into the festive season.

Celebrate The Holy Month Of Ramadan With These Delicious Iftar Options

The capsule collection is meticulously crafted for all different occasions during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Charming pieces are available for a breezy spring as well as warmer climates as the days of Ramadan progress. If you are looking for subtle shades and romantic fits for Ramadan or to go all out during the Eid celebrations, the collection has it all.

Floral Print Tulle Dress, Dhs429, SHOP NOW

As we begin Ramadan in the spring, Mango dresses us for Middle Eastern nights and days with  iridescent and flowy fits that embrace your curves, promising comfort and effortless style. The floral prints with bright pops of colours and loose fits are ideal for running Ramadan errands around town.

Pearl Dress, Dhs699, SHOP NOW

For those that prefer going more modern than traditional, the collection introduces more radiant pieces with a strong commitment to turquoise and satin fabrics appropriate for Iftar and Suhoor gatherings. All the makings of extravagant ensembles are seen as lurex fabrics, sequins, and blond lace appear in bolder shades with off-shoulder and cape dresses.

Mango Ramadan
Asymmetric Satin Blouse, Dhs299, SHOP NOW

Mango’s ‘less is luxurious’ approach revives the relationship between simplicity and elegance, as the collection finesses pieces that embrace silhouettes in subtle shades, playing with pleats and drapes to compose unique styles.

Prepare Yourself For Ramadan With These Suhoor Spots

Fringed Detail Blouse, Dhs429, SHOP NOW

Mango’s Ramadan capsule collection makes your Ramadan shopping effortless by curating all the quintessential fits you need with a contemporary and chicer aesthetic.

The collection is available to shop across Mango stores in the Middle East and online here.