With the demand for fast fashion showing no signs of slowing down, it can sometimes feel like you’re adding to the problem every time you make a high street purchase.

But eco-conscious consumers will be happy to know Mango is on track to make its garments a lot more sustainable in the next five years, thanks to a number of new initiatives.

By increasing the use of recycled polyester in its garments by 50 percent and only using 100 percent organic cotton from controlled sources by 2025, the company is hoping to transform the way it produces clothes.

Already signed up to the Better Cotton Initiative to support the cultivation of sustainable cotton worldwide, the brand is also hoping that by 2030, 100 percent of its cellulose fibres will be from controlled sources.

“The targets we have set for our collection are the result of a firm commitment to continue with the sustainable transformation of Mango as a strategic pillar of the company in which all company employees are involved,” Toni Ruiz, Mango General Manager said of the plans.

Here’s hoping more retailers follow suit.

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