Courtesy of MAGRABi

On Monday, October 17, the Middle East’s top-selling luxury eyewear and eye care brand, Magrabi, celebrated the launch of its new flagship store in Doha’s Place Vendome Mall. As part of the opening ceremony, the latest Chanel collection of eyewear was unveiled in style

Courtesy ofMagrabi

The modern and unique design of Magrabi’s new store is said to have sparked the attention of many passers-by, thanks to the London-based global leader in brand consulting and design, Landor.

“We are committed to offering excellence and exclusivity and to staying ahead of the trend. Updating our stores is part of this vision,” said Cherine Magrabi, VP of Marketing.

Besides opening 16 new branches in some of the G=group’s most famous locations, MAGRABi is aiming to renovate 25 of its current stores by year’s end in parts of UAE, Egypt, KSA and several others.

“Our commitment to always improve MAGRABi stores is integral to our Company’s mission, which is to deliver a superior service to our customers and allow them to enjoy an unparalleled retail experience,” said MAGRABi Group CEO, Amin Magrabi. “These upgrades also include installing state-of-the-art equipment in the Eye Test rooms, staffed by highly qualified Eye Care professionals,” he added.

“Retail is ever-evolving, and MAGRABi always keeps up with the evolutions of the market and offers solutions to the customer demands. We look forward to continuing to reinvent the industry and providing our customers with a truly unique retail experience,” concluded Cherine Magrabi.