Courtesy of Level Shoes

The new year comes with fresh new starts, or so they say. In keeping with this sentiment, Level Shoes are stepping up with sustainable fashion by launching ‘Pre-Loved Buyback’ powered by Reflaunt from the 24th of January. Bringing in a whole new retail experience to the region, the new initiative is part of their 10th-anniversary celebrations.

Level Shoes is not only giving the customers a platform to buy but also to sell their designer bags, shoes, small leather goods and accessories. The best part? You don’t even need to leave your home. A dedicated team will personally collect these products from your home, and the customer will be rewarded with cash or store credit.

Elisa Bruno, the Managing Director of Level Shoes shared, “As a company that truly values designers and their artistry, Level Shoes Pre-Loved enriches the high-fashion space by giving luxury pieces a second life. Customers who sell through us will then be able to easily invest in something new from our exciting offering and those who buy something pre-owned from us will have access to countless love-forever pieces that are unlike anything else they own! This is just the beginning of a new journey, and I am thrilled to write the first chapter together with our customers and team.”

Courtesy of Level Shoes

Level Shoes Pre-Loved Buyback gives you the power to let go of something that no longer makes you happy and creates space for you to fall in love with something new, whether you’re updating your wardrobe, exchanging a gift that wasn’t your style, or simply want to get rid of an item that was no longer serving its purpose. Partnered with a renowned and well-known brand that offers businesses circular solutions, the team promises that each product is meticulously chosen by a team of professionals to assure exceptional quality and authenticity.

Each piece has its own story to tell, and Level Shoes strives to becomes a medium to connect people from all walks of life to continue these stories enabling access to vintage, one-of-a-kind or sold-out pieces that nobody else has. The team strongly believes that the pioneering approach will unite generations, places, and people from all over the world, especially with the help of their recently announced worldwide shipping choices.

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