Founded in 1954, Italian-based lingerie brand La Perla is known for its striking intimates, high-end nightwear and empowering swimsuits has expanded its luxury legacy into the world of beauty.

And now, the brand has revealed it will be launching a wide range of beauty products, including fragrance, skincare, and cosmetics – becoming one of the very few luxury brands to lead the way when it comes to conscious beauty and individuality. Their beauty products will be cruelty-free, vegan and sustainably designed by the world’s best talents in the industry.

The Haute Parfumerie fragrances collection consists of eight fragrances uniquely designed to reflect unforgettable memories and moments. Each luxury scent has natural and safe-synthetic ingredients included in every bottle.

The brand announced on social media that the fragrance is available exclusively in La Perla boutiques. The colour cosmetics line, which includes eight matte lipsticks, four mascara’s, liquid eyeliners and sculpting brows, has yet to reveal its launch date.

Watch this space for more on La Perla Beauty.