The beloved jewellery brand Uncommon James, founded by reality star Kristin Cavallari, has announced its expansion into the world of cosmetics with its very own clean skincare brand, Uncommon Beauty.

This five-piece skincare line consists of clean, natural and effective beauty products – steering clear from any harsh or irritating ingredients. The former reality star shared how she noticed many harmful components in some of the top-tiered skincare brands, which did not align with her organic health-conscious lifestyle, driving her to make a change.


“I wanted to find clean skincare products that I could feel confident in using and recommending to my friends and family. I was shocked to find out that some of the high-end skincare products I was using contained harmful ingredients, which inspired me to create my own line. I’m really proud of the formulas my team and I have come up with. These are products that I would feel comfortable putting on my kids. I’ve been really excited to share what we have been creating and hope you love the products as much as I do.”

Cavallari’s first five products consist of Triple Effect Eye Cream, Daily Foaming Powder Cleanser, Pineapple Peptide Nectar, Daily Water Cream and Mango Lip Balm. You can expect to see a wide variety of unique products coming down the pipeline, but the one thing we won’t be seeing is sunscreen, as Cavallari shares how she unashamedly doesn’t use SPF unless she’s actually in the sun (sorry in advance to all the dermatologists that need to hear this.)

The Uncommon Beauty products are available to shop now on their dedicated e-commerce platform.