While most of Kim Kardashian’s life is broadcast to the world, the reality start and entrepreneur is still relatively coy when it comes to discussing the inner workings of her life. But recently when interviewed by Gwyneth Paltrow for The Goop Podcast, Kardashian gave listeners an honest insight into where she’s at personally and professionally (including thinks like love, marriage, and parenting).

The Goop Podcast episode is definitely worth a listen, bu we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the best bits for you regardless. Keep scrolling to read.


On Marriage, Love and Babies

Kardashian recently went through a public divorce from her controversial ex-husband Kanye West, so it’s no surprise she told Paltrow she plans to be “single for a few years”. Albeit an eight month fling with Pete Davidson, she has no plans to rush into anything that’s not real. But when probed by Paltrow, she did say she’s open to another marriage, and even the possibility of kids: “I have this fantasy in my head, like fourth time’s a charm. It’s going to work out,” Kardashian said. “Whatever is meant to be will be,” when asked about any future kids.

Paltrow’s parting question was if she liked having a flirt or a text going on the side, to which Kardashian responded she does. Cute. 

On Parenting in The Age of TikTok

Despite being one of the most followed people on the internet, Kardashian has some pretty strong boundaries when it comes to letting her kids exist online. “I think every family is different, even within my family. How Kourtney operates, how Khloé operates, how Kylie — we always say every family is different,” she shares. “With social media, it is hard because all the cousins, all my nieces and nephews, they’re all best friends with my kids. They’re all the same ages.”

If Penelope has a TikTok, North wants a TikTok, and all the girls at school have a TikTok. However, I have made a rule with their dad [Kanye West] about it — he’s not happy about that. I respect that,” she adds.

“But it can only be on my phone. It’s not something where she can scroll and look at things,” she explains. “We don’t do comments.”


On A Day In Her Life

As a brand founder, investor, mum of four and lawyer-to-be, it’s no surprise Kardashian’s days follow a strict routine: “I wake up at 5:40 every day, work out from six until seven – mostly weight lifting – and then have a coffee with oat milk, wake up my kids, do their hair, film a TikTok and have breakfast,” she shares. “Then I drop them off, come home and study for three hours, have my real breakfast, film and then the kids get home”.

Her afternoons are filled with brand meetings for SKKN, before she sits down with her family for dinner (where they even call out the peak and pit of their day). At this point she might have a drink (the star rarely drank before she turned 40), but is almost always in bed early. Nice.