kendall jenner matcha nails
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 22: Kendall Jenner out and about on September 21, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

2022 has surely been the year of glazed donut nails thanks to one Hailey Bieber. But now the model’s close friend Kendall Jenner is pioneering a manicure trend of her own, which her nail artist recently dubbed ‘matcha latte’ nails.

Jenner shared a new snap to her Instagram Story of the pair showing off their latest manicures, alongside singer Justine Skye. Bieber sported a dark shade, while Skye sported some graphic green squiggles and Jenner brought back her new favourite nail hue – matcha green.

kendall jenner matcha nails
Crtedit: Instagram/@kendalljenner

The soft green shade perfectly matches the hue of an iced matcha latte, as recently revealed by Jenner’s go-to manicurist at Modern Pamper salon. In a snap previously shared to the salon’s Instagram account, Jenner is seen holding a frothy cup of iced matcha with her nails painted a similar shade – and it seems the model loved the look so much, she’s brought it back.

This time Jenner opted for a slightly deeper shade, which closer resembles heated cup of matcha – and yes, we’re sort of splitting hairs here, but the addition of ice to matcha subtly softens the shade to a more pastel tone, right? Right.

Even Jenner’s sister Kylie appreciates the hue, after getting her own matcha nails at Modern Pamper salon in 2020. While the makeup mogul called them ‘pistachio’ green, the salon posted on Instagram that the exact shade that was used – ibd’s Just Gel Polish in Jade Dynasty – is actually closer in colour to a ‘green tea latte’.

Even Selena Gomez got in on the green nail trend, having recently chosen a slightly warmer tone. Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik painted the Rare Beauty founder’s talons an olive shade, but we’d argue it’s close enough to Jenner’s to count for matcha.

Either way, it looks like green nails – à la matcha, pistachio or olive – are all top of the list for our next nail appointment.