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With 1.4 million followers on Instagram and a client roster featuring the likes of Kendal Jenner, Kris Jenner, Jennifer Lopez and many more, Mary Phillips has, without a doubt, become the beauty world’s most sought-out makeup artist.

Phillips recently appeared on former Vogue Editor Jenna Rennert’s IG live to talk all things makeup hacks and the importance of healthy skin. Jenna revealed how Mary is her “ultimate girl crush” in the beauty world. The two were quick to dive into a fun-filled session packed with top-tiered beauty tips and tricks.

“To me, skin is so important. I struggled with bad skin when I was growing up but knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. I went to esthetician school and wanted to learn as much as I could about skincare because it’s important to me,” shares Phillips.

Ahead, see a breakdown of Mary’s skincare routine, along with the products she recommends to her clients. 

Step 1: Mary’s first step consists of applying her favourite product, The Treatment Lotion by La Mer, which also is the very first step she uses on her clients when prepping their skin. Phillips reveals, “you never want to put skincare on dry skin; you want to make sure it’s a little damp.”

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Step 2: La Mer’s The Concentrate “It takes away redness, inflammation and helps fight against impurities and not only that, even after a long day I put it on a night. The smell of it feels like a day spa – it’s so relaxing.”

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Step 3: La Mer’s The Eye Concentrate. Phillips shares how it’s the ultimate product to use for reducing puffy eyes. The application tool that comes with it feels like a mini jade roller, which is very relaxing and responsive. 

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When asked what the biggest makeup hack she learned from a client was, Mary shared, “Salma Hayek taught me how to take a tissue and tear one side off and open up the inside of the tissue and if your shiny and don’t have powder or blotting paper, apply it on your t-zone, and all the fibres in the tissue will matte you down. It’s amazing. ” Adding how she also learned from Jennifer Lopez that she should always start with the face rather than the eyes, as JLO likes to focus on how the skin looks before moving forward.

Phillips continued to share that it comes down to two things regarding her ultimate makeup hacks. The first being the power of baking when it comes to keeping a full-day glow, and the second being her unique blush application for a refreshing look.

Jenna recapped Mary’s steps to the ultimate blush application in her reel below.