Photo: Instagram @huda

Within six days of Huda Beauty’s latest reveal regarding her Multidew Skin Tint moisturizer by GloWish, consumers were quick to notice a highly sought out ingredient that was missing and were keen to call out the beauty-lover herself regarding the matter. Huda took to her social media account to address the situation, sharing, “So we got a lot of questions about why we chose not to use SPF inside our new Multidew Skin Tint.” Noting that it was a purposeful and intentional decision on her behalf.

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The beauty blogger shares that if you really want to stay protected, you need to apply two fingers worth of SPF and spread it evenly across your face, along with the additional amount you’ll need for your neck. “You’re always going to need to wear an SPF underneath your makeup, and if there is an SPF inside of your makeup, there never is going to be enough, it’s never going to last long enough, and it’s also going to affect your makeup wear and look.”

It feels like our philosophy on SPF has taken a complete 180 turn, leaving us overly thankful for the skin-care fanatic and beauty guru herself for sharing this knowledge with us.