We’ve all faced the frustration of searching for a nude lipstick or shadow only to find it’s too light, too dark, or just plain wrong. Seriously, we’re too embarrassed to tell you how many times our nude shadows looked literally orange on our Vitamin D- deprived skin (which we only discovered when we looked back at photos, obvs). Thankfully, we’ll never have to deal with that problem ever again.

Huda Beauty’s Nude Obsessions eyeshadows come in three different palettes – each tailored to a different skin tone – and feature five matte and four shimmery shades. Also, the ultra-luxe snakeskin packaging is so beautiful that it took us a good few minutes to actually open it.

Nude Light is bursting with peachy mattes and light-bronze shimmers in both warm and cool tones, while Nude Medium (Huda’s go-to palette) combines chestnuts and terracotta shades for make-up lovers with yellow undertones. Finally, Nude Rich is full of good-enough-to-eat chocolate browns with crimson reds and show-stopping metallic golds.

Huda Beauty is completely committed to championing inclusivity and the mogul herself understands that what might be nude for her may not work for someone else, leading her to create a universally suitable palette that everyone can enjoy and feel their most confident in. Plus, you don’t have to stick to one if you don’t want to – you can mix and match shades across all palettes to create the ultimate nude look. We’ll definitely be getting all three.

It’s available now online for Dhs110 and will hit all your favourite beauty stores on October 15.

Photos: Supplied