Huda Kattan has made an emotional plea to business owners to put people before profits. In an IGTV video entitled No-one will get through this until we get through this together, she revealed Huda Beauty’s efforts to cut costs and protect jobs such as removing her salary and that of her family including her sister Mona who is Co-Founder and President of the multibillion-dollar brand.

The Dubai-based make-up mogul conceded, “I know every company is different, but if founders are able to forgo their salaries in order to protect jobs, that should be the first thing that we’re leaning to. I know every company is different, every founder is different, so just because one founder is able to do it doesn’t mean another is able to do it.”

However as an astute entrepreneur, she’s noticed some business bosses continuing to put themselves first amid the crippling economic climate of the coronavirus crisis. She observed, “In 2016-17, I wasn’t receiving a salary so that wouldn’t have made a difference quite frankly. Every company is very, very different, but there are a lot of companies, where I do feel like they are leaning towards laying off jobs before they are cutting the higher salaries. I hope they can make a change because it is a scary time right now and a lot of people are not going have the ability to be as financially stable as others. Hearing about people who don’t have money for food, it’s so hard not to be so emotionally affected by everything going on right now.”

Huda added, “I’m hoping that by sharing this too, others will hear this message and maybe it wasn’t even a thought in their mind, maybe it will be a thought in their mind. I know this is a tough time – we just need to share the hope wherever we can and the positivity wherever we can.”

Signing off with a message to her fans, she pleaded, “Please be very careful, be very responsible through this time and eventually we will get through it, but we will do it together. We won’t get through it until we really unite together. That’s the only way to get through it.”

Photo: Supplied