Photo: Jason Lloyd-Evans

The first harbingers of summer for any Middle Eastern girl is when those luscious curls – which had been semi-complacent for the past few months – start having what could only be termed as a nervous breakdown; I speak from experience as part of the sisterhood of the unruly curls.

As a North-African woman with curls that taunt me on most days when the humidity is at a high, I’m usually at a loss as to how to tame the frizz. With the high levels of humidity that inevitably come with summers spent in a seaside city, it always seems no matter how I’ve styled my hair, the minute I step out, I end up looking like I’ve just wrestled with a very aggressive storm – or, well, my hair has. That being said, every woman should embrace her hair – curly, straight, wavy, soft, coarse, frizzed – and own it. For those who like rocking that extra summer frizz, you do you, boo. However if, like yours truly, you’re looking for a solution for when your hair rebels despite your best efforts, all hope is not lost.

One of the home remedies recommended by award-winning colourist and co-founder of Salon 971, Catherine Hawkes, is coconut oil. And within the region, it’s a remedy that’s been passed down from mother to daughter as the secret for stronger, healthier hair. If only we listened to our mothers more.

Coconut oil has several benefits, not least of which is protecting your hair against damage. To keep your hair in check, and smooth those curls, Catherine recommends using coconut oil and wrapping your hair in a silk scarf. Adding coconut oil to your haircare routine not only helps with curls, but with split ends and hair breakage. Along with coconut oil, there are a number of products that can help while still nourishing the hair and preventing damage. One of which is Nymph Salt Spray by Authentic Beauty Concept, which can be found at Salon 971. The spray is a double threat as it maintains your beach waves without causing dryness.

Nymph Salt Spray by Authentic Beauty Concept, Dhs165 Shop in salon.

Humidity is usually higher in coastal cities; in the UAE, it can reach up to 90 per cent. So a good anti-humidity hair spray is an effective defence against the frizz that comes with the weather change. Catherine, who is also Schwarzkopfpro Colour Ambassador, recommends Blow and Glow, which “locks in moisture, acts as a heat protector that shields against humidity.”

Schwarzkopf Osis Blow & Go a heat protective spray, Dhs95, Shop in salon.

Some of the most common complaints from women who visit the salon is frizz and dry hair. So what’s the solution? “Protect your hair from sunlight, use a hat, scarves or Schwarzkopf Bonacure sun protection spray,” Catherine tells GRAZIA. “Avoid wetting your hair in the pool or sea and use a filter in the shower. After washing your hair use a leave-in conditioner suitable for your hair.”

Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Conditioner Spray by Bonacure Schwarzkopf, Dhs130, shop in salon.

One of the treatments that is offered at the salon is the Amazon Keratin Liss10, which is organic. Made of shea butter, cinnamon, Keratin and oils, among other things, the treatment – which smells like bubble gum, by the way – ensures that your hair is frizz-free, smooth and strong. It does not eliminate your curls, but rather allows you to live your best curly haired life without having to worry about all the stray hairs that tend to rear their unwelcome head during summer, thus ruining the streak of perfectly curled curls that you’d become accustomed to. The treatment, which costs Dhs500, lasts for a few months depending on how much you wash your hair.

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Photos: Jason Lloyd-Evans and Supplied