Whether you’ve got a case of analysis paralysis or are battling indecisiveness, selecting the cut and carat of your future diamond ring can be a daunting experience. That is unless you know what you’re looking for going into it, which is why we’ve sought out the expert opinion of the jeweller Pascal Mouawad.

“It is essential to think about the craftsmanship involved: select a diamond ring that is authentically crafted and certificated,” Mouawad shared with Grazia. Pascal Mouawad is part of the 4th generation in the Mouawad family legacy, a fine jewellery company that has been crafting the extraordinary for over 132 years. They have created record-breaking pieces through innovation and passion for creativity, like the world’s most valuable jewellery box and the most expensive bra. 

Courtesy of Mouawad

He finds that when you are ready to browse for a diamond ring, “it is useful to begin by understanding what is known as the 4Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight.” Adding, “that way, you can understand how each influences the value of the diamond and adds to the overall appearance of the stone.” As for the style, Mouawad believes you should “select a ring that reflects your personality, as this is an item that you should want to wear for the rest of your life.” He notes that diamonds are a perfect gemstone for this task “due to their timeless allure and symbolism, in terms of their eternal sparkle.” Seasonless accessories like this stand the test of time and become part of your signature style. 

“Jewelry is something that reflects personality, that has a deeper meaning beyond what we see on the surface, that gives us a way of expressing ourselves, and that can act as a celebration of who we are and what we have achieved in life.”

This passion for jewellery is not new to Mouawad. He was introduced to fine jewellery at a young age and has been in the family business for many years. Mouawad safeguards his family’s legacy by staying true to their beliefs. “As a family, we believe in value, which manifests itself in many ways,” Mouawad shared. For them, it’s “valuing every individual for their unique attributes and creating value for our customers and the world.” This deep appreciation for jewellery and background in the field makes Mouawad uniquely qualified to advise on a piece of investment jewellery.

Courtesy of Mouawad

For him, “jewellery is something that reflects personality,” adding that “it has a deeper meaning beyond what we see on the surface–it gives us a way of expressing ourselves.” Mouawad reminds us that jewellery is about empowerment and honouring special moments since it can “act as a celebration of who we are and what we have achieved in life.” Approaching it from that point of view helps to relieve the pressure of selecting your next diamond ring, whether you’re picking out an engagement ring or an accessory for a loved one. 

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