If your anything like us, you’ll love a good throwback moment, especially when it comes from the early 2000s. From tube tops to denim skirts to low-rise jeans, many of the millennium’s biggest trends are coming full-circle.

Here’s how your favourite regional influencers have been reimagining the trends in 2021…

von dutch hats

Whether it was a trucker hat or graphic tee, Von Dutch was without a doubt one of the biggest brands in the 2000s. Regardless of the fact, the brand faded over the years, seeing influencers like Rania Fawaz, wearing the 2000s biggest trends gives us major hope.

stretchy ruched tops

Ruched detailing is back and bigger than ever. The options are endless, from stretchy tops to cosy dresses.


hair clips

At this point, I don’t think there’s one influencer we haven’t seen wearing these oversized claw clips. These hair accessories have taken over and officially become a summer must-have.

Denim Skirts

Dana Hourani has pulled major inspiration from the 2000s by bringing back the most iconic trend of them all, the micro denim skirt.


Halter tops

The halter-neck styled tops are back and stronger than ever. Find model and influencer Jessica Kahawaty diving deep into the 2000s trend, giving us major inspiration for a fun yet fresh summery look.

low-rise pants

Thought you moved past the low-rise jean trend in the 2000s? Think again. Low-rise jeans are predicted to be one of the biggest summer trends in 2021.


lime green

Ready or not, the lime green trend is back. Therefore prepare yourself to see a whole lot of lime in the coming months.

cropped cardigan

They were once used as a layering piece and now have a comeback in the form of a fun yet easy everyday crop top. In retrospect, they were our least favourite, but now we can’t seem to get enough of them.