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Our favourite 27-year-old musician and actor is reportedly creating his very own beauty line, and I can’t lie; we’re definitely here for it. After years of witnessing Styles in the forefront of fashion, along with being featured in several fragrance campaigns, it’s safe to say we could see this from a mile away.

According to his fans Twitter account @TheHarryNews, documents were released showcasing Style’s trademarking his name under a cosmetics and fragrance brand. The filing was under the name Styles, Harry Edward, listing Harry as the company’s director.

On Friday, US Weekly reportedly shared the original documents, which stated that Emma Spring, Harry’s long-term assistant and friend, had signed as co-director of the brand. Harry has yet to confirm the news publicly, leaving us unsure of what the brand will consist of; however, we know whatever he plans on doing, we, the fans, are sure to embrace.