Valérie Messlka shares her gratitude list and gives Grazia an intimate glimpse of her family life on lockdown in the French countryside

Valérie Messika’s Gratitude List

1. Being in my country house surrounded by greenery and fresh air is truly a privilege. The fact that each morning I was able to open the widows and see this beautiful environment, I felt blessed. It touched my heart and really felt connected to nature during the lockdown.

2.  I feel blessed and lucky as I am surrounded by love. Being with my husband and my two little girls and being able to spend this time with them was truly amazing. It was the first time in our life that we spent so much time all together and I will cherish the memories!

3. I am grateful that my business made it though, and we stayed connected whilst being physically apart. Everyone was so involved in brainstorming and thinking of ways to conquer this and I’m so thankful for my hardworking team during this period.