In perhaps the most low-key celebrity announcement ever, Gigi Hadid has shared the name of her new-born daughter – whom she shares with Zayn Malik – revealing that her name is Khai. The model updated her Instagram bio to read “Khai’s mom” rather than announcing via the grid, in keeping with her pregnancy journey, which she understandably kept under wraps so she could savour the moments as a mum-to-be rather than share them with the world. We definitely couldn’t handle being famous.

Gigi is of Palestinian and Dutch descent and it seems her daughter’s name is not only a touching tribute to a family member but also has a very special literal meaning. In Arabic, Khai reportedly relates to royalty and translates to “crowned” or “the chosen one”. It is a name that has been passed down in variations, starting with Gigi’s late grandmother Khairiah, to Bella Hadid’s middle name Khair, and now to the newest member of the Hadid family.

Photos: Instagram