In the latest Laverne perfume campaign, the Argentinian model and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodríguez collaborates with the perfume brand by answering some candid questions about how she feels in the Kingdom. Laverne is a well-known Saudi perfume label, offering divine smells of oud, rose, sapphire, and many more.


In the new campaign clip, Georgina mentions that she feels very safe in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and she appreciates their family values. In addition, Georgina mentions she enjoys the incredible nature and the desert in the country. The star was pictured enjoying the natural heritage of Saudi Arabia’s desert many times before with her partner Cristiano Ronaldo and their beautiful kids.

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Since it is the Holy month of Ramadan, the model Georgina was asked if she feels excited about the Ramadan experience and she replied: “It feels very special to me to be able to experience Ramadan in its place of origin.” In the campaign advert that is promoting the label’s latest scent, Blue Laverne, the star mentions that the new fragrance gives her the serenity to feel powerful and to have strength. Rodríguez loves the Blue Laverne scent and she confirms describes it as intense and powerful.

Courtesy of Laverne

If you want to try the new Laverne fragrance, keep in mind that it ships across the GCC and you can shop onlne here.